RosterImport Status:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Airline Rosters does the system support?

The system reads rosters generated in Geneva & Merlot. At this stage we have extensively tested the system on rosters from the following operators:

  • Air Nauru
  • Air Niugini
  • Air Asia
  • Air India
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Alliance
  • AmeriJet
  • Atlas Air
  • Azul
  • Batik Air
  • Citilink
  • CityJet
  • Cobham
  • Cathay Dragon
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad Airways
  • Flydubai
  • FlyEgypt
  • Flynas
  • FlySafair
  • Garuda
  • HiFlyAir
  • Himalaya Airlines
  • HK Express
  • IndiGo
  • Jazeera Airways
  • JejuAir
  • Jet Airways
  • Jetconnect
  • Jetstar Asia
  • Jetstar Australia
  • Jetstar Pacific
  • KLM
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Liat
  • Lion Air
  • Malindo Air
  • Mesa Airlines
  • Network Aviation
  • Omni Air
  • Peach
  • Qantas Long Haul
  • Qantas Short Haul
  • QantasLink
  • Rex
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Saudia
  • Saudi Aramco
  • SA-Airlink
  • Scoot
  • Small Planet Airlines
  • SriLankan
  • Thai Lion Air
  • Tigerair
  • Transavia
  • VietJet Air
  • Virgin Australia Regional Airlines
  • Vivaaerobus
  • Volaris
  • Vueling

We are continually adding new airlines to RosterImport. If you work for an airline we don’t currently support then we'd love to get a copy of your roster for testing. Please email it to and we'll contact you in regards to adding support for your airline. The first one to send us rosters from an airline that we don't currently support gets 12 months free access.

2. Can I share my online calendar with others? (Family members etc)

You certainly can. When you first signed up you received an email with details on adding the calendar to other devices. Simply forward them this email and they can add the calendar to their device as well.

3. What happens if I get a roster change?

We automatically check your roster every 6 hours. If we find a roster change or a new roster then you’ll get a notification on your iPhone/iPad and automatically update your online calendar.

4. How do I export my roster from RosterImport to LogTen Pro?

In summary you log in to from your iPhone/iPad with LogTen Pro on it and select the option you want to use.

We support three methods to export your roster direct to LogTen Pro.

  • LogTen Pro Export Future Flight Details

    This option exports future flights to LogTen Pro where you can then fill in the data such as crew, rego and flight times on the day of the flight. This is a no additional cost option and is included as part of your trial / subscription. This option is available for all airlines we support.

  • Logten Pro Actual Flight Data Export (Recommended option)

    With this option we email you the day after a flight with a summary of the previous days duty. The email will also contain a link that will import the previous days flight(s), including aircraft rego, other pilot, actual sign on and sign off times and actual flight times. There is a two month no obligation free trial for this service. You can then continue after the trial ends for an additional annual payment of A$29 (Approx US$21).(This is in addition to your existing subscription fee.)

  • Logten Pro Historic Flight Data Export

    This is a one off option to help you put past duties to LogTen Pro. Using this option you can select a date range and we will give you a link that will import historic flight data into LogTen Pro.

    For users who select the 'one entry per sector' option this data will include the sign on time, departure and arrival airports, departure and arrival times and sign off times.

    For users that select the 'one entry per duty' option the data will include the sign on and sign off times along with the total flight time and airports flown from/to in that duty period.


    Click HERE to log in and set up your LogTen Pro Export options.

    If you have any queries regarding the LogTen Pro export functions please don't hesitate to contact us at

5. My RosterImport calendar has disappeared from my iPhone or IPad.

On rare occasions your calendar may stop showing on your iPhone or iPad. There are two possible ways to fix this.

  • Reboot your iPhone / iPad. To do this hold down the button on the top right of your iPhone / iPad. (Or, the button on the top of the iPhone / iPad on older devices)

    Wait until it says 'Slide to power off' and then slide your finger to the right to power off the device.

    It will take up to 30 seconds to power off. Once powered off hold the top right (or top) button down again until the Apple icon appears. The device will then boot up again. This may take a minute or so.

    Once the phone has booted up again wait two minutes and go to your calendar. Your calendar should have reappeared.

  • If the above does not work then deleting the calendar from your device and adding it back in will fix the issue.

    To do this go to

    Tap on your calendar. It will be displayed as 'Your name –'

    Tap on DELETE ACCOUNT. Click DELETE ACCOUNT again when it asks you to confirm the deletion.

    To add your calendar back onto your device do the following:

    • Open Safari on your device and go to
    • Click LOGIN
    • Login using the email address we send your duty changes to and the password you use to log in to your airlines crewing software.
    • Once logged in you will see a link similar to the one below
    • This is the link to your calendar. Click on the link and your calendar will be added to your device again and will be visible again.
6. How do I pay?

If you are on a free two month trial or have an existing subscription with us then you'll automatically get an email 1 week before you're trial or subscription expires. This email will provide a personalised link that allows you to pay via credit card or PayPal.

If you haven't paid by 2 days to expiry you'll get another reminder email with the payment link followed by another one on the day your subscription / trial expires.

If your subscription / trial has expired and you no longer have the emails with the payment link in it please email and we can send you your personalised payment link again.

7. Calendar not showing in S Planner on an Android device.

If your calendar is not showing in S Planner then it may not be set up in S Planner as one of the calendars to display. To get S Planner to display the calendar do the following:

  • Touch the Menu button to open the menu.
  • Touch Calendars to display the Calendars screen.
  • Check the All Calendars box to display all calendars and task lists from all accounts.
  • Touch to expand an account to see all calendars and task lists it has. Ensure there is a tick beside your calendar. If not then touch the box to tick it.
  • Touch to collapse the expanded account.
  • Make sure there is a tick next to 'My calendars'. If not then touch it to enable displaying the calendar.
  • Touch to return to the main S Planner screen.
8. How secure are my details?

Whilst your roster file is uploaded to our server it's processed straight away and automatically deleted unless there is an error during processing in which case it's securely stored for us to see what went wrong.

For those who generate an ICS calendar file the file you download doesn't contain any personal identifying information such as your name and is left on our server for 24 hours to enable you to download it. It is then deleted automatically.

For those who have 'online calendars' your Crewnet log in details are stored in an encrypted database located in a non public area of our server. All online calendars locations are generated with a random address so others can't 'guess' the location of your calendar.

9. Who are Cosmic Web Designs & RosterImport?

Cosmic Web Designs was started in 1997. We have extensive aviation experience so a lot of the programs & websites we do relate back to the aviation industry.

Our aviation experience allows us to tailor programs and websites for optimum usage by the aviation industry.

Some of the applications we’ve created for airlines are:

  • Engine Trend Monitoring software
  • Safety Management System software
  • SMS add on function to Geneva to allow airlines to send SMS’s to crew regarding flight delays, RDO call outs and other important information.

Airline rostering systems are primarily designed around the airline and not the crew. With experience in airline management we saw the number of times crew were late or didn’t turn up at all as they had forgotten about a duty change or had read from an old copy of their roster thus causing flights to depart late.

Consequently we created to allow airline staff to have an up to date copy of their roster direct on their phone / tablet along with email notification of duty changes.

Advice from one airline we support has proved that with a high percentage of their staff using the number of times crew have forgotten about a duty change has decreased substantially which has had a positive effect on OTP.

If you have any queries about our software please contact us at